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Hi there!

I’m Susan and I am, amongst other things, a Certified Trim Healthy Mama Coach and a PN1 Coach. (Precision Nutrition Level 1)  

I am a purist wannabe but a drive-thru in reality which looks kinda interesting at times. I was downing sulphur & molasses at age 17 and brewing kombucha and yogurt 25 years ago. I’ve made my own starter and lived off my own sourdough bread. I’ve used stevia, nutritional yeast and all the currently popular foods for over 25 years. I have been known to eat at McDonald’s, food courts and restaurants and a hobby is to frequent cafe’s. I love food. I want to be healthy. Optimal health doesn’t have to be mean boring, tied-to-the-kitchen, deprivation.

I am not some twenty-something IG coach that posts gorgeous photos every day. I don’t wear a bikini and I don’t sip on kale smoothies although that’s fine if you do. I’m fifty-something years young and I’ve had a lifetime of roles and opportunities. I’ve managed businesses, studied, worked for paid employment, homeschooled my children and given millions of cuddles to my grandchildren.

I’ve had little kids and now have “adult” kids. I’ve struggled with multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gut absorption issues and an autoimmune condition. Throughout all that I’ve learned the importance of maintaining good health. It’s more than just quality food and it’s more than exercise – it’s about all those things and more with balance, which isn’t easy to do when we wear so many hats. But I can help you to discover how to achieve your best health regardless of your circumstances.

My Mission

As a Nutrition Coach I help women to be the best version of themselves without depriving themselves of delicious food. I teach other women how to eat healthy food in a way that is yummy, budget conscious, family-friendly and health promoting and finding/maintaining a healthy weight. My passion is helping busy mama’s reach their goals and improve their relationship with food through a practical, effective and sustainable approach to nutrition inclusive of all ages and seasons of their life. The world of diet, lifestyle and nutrition can be overwhelming, confusing and often contradictory. I empower my clients with the tools and knowledge they need to make changes, helping them understand the science of nutrition and helping them to implement lasting change, develop successful, lifelong habits that enables them to be happy, healthy and live their life to the fullest.

Food Is

  • Food is many things – an opportunity to direct, shape and remake our health and wellbeing.
  • Food is our story – it tells who we are, where we are from, much about our personality, what we like and value.
  • Food provides satiety, nutrients, energy and fuel for our body.
  • Food is a vehicle – it fosters joy when we celebrate with others or comfort when needed. It is a source of nourishment and pleasure and that’s okay.
  • Food should not cause us to feel guilty, inferior, inadequate or deprived.
  • Food is just yummy!

My Food Philosophy

I do believe in knowing what I am eating, filling my body with a variety of foods that offer maximum satiety, nutrients and enjoyment.

I do not believe in quick fixes, detox diets, starvation methods or fad diets. Food is food – neither good nor bad (unless it is mouldy or rotting but I’m sure you get my point). Personifying food as good or bad is unhelpful, and it can contribute to feelings of shame around what we eat. I refuse to feel guilt or shame over food and keep words like good/bad and clean/dirty for moral issues.


I do believe in Planned Indulgences or times where I may eat foods that are less nutrient dense than I usually eat. It’s keeping them in balance, knowing when, why and how I eat them that is important and the lifelong key to health and weight management.


I do not use the word ‘cheat’. I may or may not have cheated in a card game, I have never cheated on my taxes and certainly never on my husband! The word ‘cheat‘ means to defraud or deceive or to violate rules and regulations. Food is many things but it isn’t a bunch of rules and regulations and cheating has no place in my health/food journey. Words matter.


I do believe in progress rather than perfection


I do not believe in perfection this side of eternity. There is no one perfect diet or one perfect food. Let’s strive for #Progress not perfection and #Consistency rather than perfection.

My goal is to educate, equip and empower you so that you will not actually be a client for life, only until you are able to manage your own nutrition.

What I can help you with

Nutrition for Everyone

I get it! We’re all busy and no one wants to make 2-3 separate meals for the family. I can show you how to make one meal for the whole family and tweak it to suit all the needs within your family – weight loss, weight gain or maintenance.

Weight Management

Learn to manage your weight using low GI principles & real food.

Hormone Help

I can help you survive and thrive through the peri-menopausal and menopausal years with grace and unnecessary weight gain.


For many, healthy eating in a low GI way brings consistent weight loss and immediate health benefits. But this is not always the case, and it is often due to the learning curve that accompanies any new eating style. If you are experiencing slow or no weight loss at all, contact me today so we can work together so you can be at your best trim and healthy.

Balance Blood Sugar

I have helped people stabilise their blood sugar and insulin levels  – those with both hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic levels as well as those who fluctuate wildly. This not only helps with weight loss but is a huge boost for your overall short term AND long term health and longevity.

Weight Management

Learn to manage your weight using low GI principles & real food.

Stalls and Plateau's

Our ideal weight should be based on several factors… and comparing from one person to the next, even for those of the same height, is never an accurate measure. Frame-size and natural muscle mass both need to be taken into account. Some people are naturally petite, while others have larger frames and there are those in between and the amount of muscle each person carries will also be different. But if you think you’ve hit a stall or plateau, get in touch and I can help you with that.

Australian Based

Being an Aussie I am, naturally, quite familiar with a lot of different products used in healthy eating and low GI plans. I know where to source them at the best prices or most convenient locations.

Get in Touch!

Contact me today to schedule an appointment, make an enquiry, ask a question or more. I’m excited at the prospect of working with you towards your food freedom and your health.

You can also contact me via my Facebook page and Instagram.

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