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Everyone who loves taking care of their body & health needs a life coach to motivate them during those off days. Susan is THAT Coach. She’s well educated & very knowledgeable in all areas of food/health nutrition. Always my biggest motivator & loudest cheer squad! I don’t think I’d be taking care of my body, or inner being without the help & guidance & ‘makes sense’ advice of this genuine Life Coach.

~ Lina

Susan is great and supportive with all of her advice. She has been amazing in helping me on my journey to true health. I am so blessed by all of her knowledge. 💕

~ Katie

Susan is very knowledgeable about the THM plan. You will be blessed if you can get her for your coach. She’s an official admin to our THM groups and she’s my friend and helper.

~THM Admin & Coach

~ Magaly

I have learnt so much over the past couple of months from you & also the group. What I’ve learnt is truly life- changing, so grateful, thank you. I love the depth of information you provide & your down-to-earth approach to eating & Trim Healthy Mama, to keep it real, but at the same time absolutely inspire each of us to shoot for the stars & do our best. I feel I’ve learnt a great deal to help with overall health & immunity & the side benefit of losing weight. Very encouraging & it’s fun to learn from each other as well.

~Group Coaching

~ Melinda

Susan has been such a blessing to the Trim Healthy community. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things THM, including tweaks for those who are overseas and may be dealing with ingredient availability. I highly recommend her to you – she’ll do an amazing job as your coach!

~THM Admin & Coach

~ Lisa

Being a part of this group has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, I felt supported and encouraged by Susan and the others in the group. No question was too silly for Susan and was always answered quickly and with great wisdom. Being a part of this group has challenged me to be also not only nourish my body with good food but also to nourish my body with good sleep and good thoughts. I have been blessed to be a part of Susan’s group and I would encourage anyone to sign up for any groups that she has running in the future you will not regret it.

~Group Coaching

~ Corrie-Lyn

I really appreciated how you were understanding when we failed in eating off plan & I didn’t feel judged or conditioned or forced to keep going like other diet coaches push.

Instead you are real but honest & fed me all the nutritional facts I needed. Thank you!

~Group Coaching

~ Lina

Thank you Susan, for the gentle way you ran this study group. I found it encouraging, educational and challenging in areas I needed a challenge.

~Group Book Study Member

~ Fran

I equip & empower women of all ages & stages to reach their best health, lose weight and feed their family in a way that is affordable, sensible and delicious.

Let’s work together!

As a nutrition Coach I help women to be the best version of themselves without depriving themselves of delicious. I teach women how to eat healthy food in a way that is yummy, budget conscious, family-friendly and health promoting and finding/maintaining a healthy weight with a practical, effective and sustainable approach to nutrition.

I can’t wait to get started in helping you with your health journey. Reach out to day and let’s get started!

I am based in Brisbane, QLD and my timezone is UTC +10 AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time so please consider that when awaiting a response, if you are in a different timezone.

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