Rotate Your Greens

Rotate your greens

In the previous post, I wrote about learning to love green leafies and suggested incorporating them with as many meals as possible. And this is all true and good. However, it is worth knowing a little tip about greens. And that is that we benefit from rotating them. Don’t over rely upon one type of green leafies!

All greens have small amounts of toxins. Greens also contain anti-nutrients that should not be consumed in too high amounts over a long period of time. Each type of green leaves are different in their nutrient content and some are higher than others. Greens are not harmful but it’s a good idea to vary these compounds so your body doesn’t become overwhelmed. If you only consume greens from one family, your body may start to experience alkaloid build up. This is very rare, and easy to avoid. Some people with hypothyroidism are concerned about goitrogens which are found in Brassicas such as kale. Some greens bind calcium so that your body cannot absorb it so variety truly is the spice of life! Basically, by rotating greens on a regular basis, you avoid building up the toxins from one leafy green.

Just try a new/different leafy green every once in a while. I recommend rotating your greens once a week. This way, your body doesn’t get too much of a good thing in one leafy green family, and you get the benefits of new nutrients from a different green family.

Rotate Greens
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