Tip: Read the book!

Jan 11, 2020 | Tips

THM Books
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Read the book.

You will not take it all in at one go, but it will explain the ALL things THM. Don’t even attempt to plan much till you are through the first 4 chapters (it’s only 50 pages!) of the original book. That would be like going for your licence when you’ve only ever been a passenger in a car!

The Plan Book is excellent – all the information in a condensed format.

Trim Healthy Table is a cookbook but it also contains 3 whole chapters devoted to teaching the THM Plan in a concise, practical way. This book although it has the basics of the plan, it doesn’t go into the why’s and wherefore’s (the science) of the plan. Just the basics, ma’am.

Confused about which book to buy or read first?

This blog post has you covered. I outline the best features of each book and show you the best prices.

I equip & empower women of all ages & stages to reach their best health, lose weight and feed their family in a way that is affordable, sensible and delicious.

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Use Official Sources

Use Official Sources

Use official sources rather than recipes/tips/charts on Pinterest or on many blogs unless they are THM endorsed.


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