THM… Finding Your Way

THM… Finding Your Way

The sisters often encourage us to do THM our way. What does that mean?

It isn’t a justification for eating off plan foods. Off plan is off plan.

It doesn’t mean ignoring THM principles of separating fats from carbs, protein centred meals, timing of meals, etc.

It does mean having the freedom of not starving or being hangry. It doesn’t mean counting calories or macros but to be aware of them.

It means the freedom to choose your S, E or FP meals based upon your needs, your wants, your budget, etc. some people need more E meals than S meals or vice versa. Some need more FP. Anything done to excess becomes unbalanced and is not THM any way.

It means not being bound to follow your best friend or popular blogger but instead choose when you will eat and what food category you’ll eat.

It means that you don’t have to like or consume smoothies if you hate them. Substitute nearly anything in place of the word ‘smoothies’. I don’t much care for kale, shakes or oats.

This is THM your way. And THM, unlike most other eating philosophies, has room for ALL types of people!

Your home looks different to mine and they both look different to someone else’s. As they should be.

If you have any questions about doing THM your way, feel free to ask.

Why I love THM

Why I love THM

You know why I love this lifestyle more than any other eating plan I’ve done? (and I’ve done a few!)
Because it isn’t just trim. And it isn’t just healthy. And it isn’t just for me but the whole family. It is Trim *AND* Healthy.
I’m 174cm tall and am not quite at goal weight (so say the experts) but I am very happy where I am at. Because I have been 65kg and I was skinny but not healthy. (That’s why I use the term ‘skinny’ and not trim in this sense). I was dieting all the time – existing on low fat everything, 1000 calories per day and exercising my butt off.

I have been 125kg and felt healthy yet overweight. Too many refined white products – still low fat and still exercising heaps but still no balance.

THM gives me healthy fats, gentle carbs to help me be at *my* trim. The emphasis on real foods give me better health. And I can easily adapt everything to be feed my family – everyone one of their unique needs – be it health, weight loss or weight gain. And it complements my own food philosophy – eating real food which is local and seasonal and THM gives me all that. And THM can be used with every budget, age, condition or allergy.  And mostly, I don’t have to deprive myself of treats! Want chocolate? Cookies? Cakes? Drinks? Mains? Desserts? THM has you covered! It is an eating plan for life that is affordable, sustainable and achievable in the long term.
Why do you love Trim Healthy Mama?