THM Health Tip using Bone Broth

THM Health Tip using Bone Broth

Health Tip

Every time you eat a meal with meat, also add a tablespoon of collagen peptides or gelatin to the meal.  Or add a tablespoon of collagen to your cup of bone broth.

Why? The amino acid profile of the collagen (or bone broth) rounds out the meal and makes the meat meal far more balanced.

Tip Two

Have a cup of bone broth with added collagen 20-30min before bed. The protein often helps promote sleep and repairs and build your body while you’re snoozing.

It’s simple. Just have a cup of bone broth before your meal or add a tablespoon of collagen to your meaty casserole, pies or stews every time you make a meal with meat in it.

To learn more about the benefits of gelatin or collagen and why and how we use it, please head over to the Trim Healthy Mama main website and read the article, Collagen 101: The Merits and the Myths.

In case you were wondering, both collagen peptides/hydrolysed collagen and the firm setting gelatin can be purchased through Aussie Mamas, Great Lakes brand at iHerb or from Gelatin Australia.

Bloom into Spring with THM

Bloom into Spring with THM

Spring is nearly here! Can you smell it, feel it, breathe it in? Oh, I just love Spring! But you know what always comes around at this time of year (aside from hayfever & allergies)? Ads, promotions, articles all touting the same nonsense telling you to ‘spring clean’ lose weight, get the bikini body in just 4 weeks, shred, tone up, get lean, detox, cleanse, blah, blah, blah. The whole clean/purge/diet/lose weight/detox mentality drives me nuts.

  • You don’t need to gulp down detox smoothies that make you gag.
  • You don’t need to beat yourself up with exercise.
  • You don’t need a plan that tells you how and what to eat for 2 weeks of the year.
  • You don’t need to take courses on will power or self control.
  • You don’t need to ‘cleanse’. Your body is a beautifully designed machine that cleans, filters, digests, absorbs and heals if we just feed it nutrient dense foods. This does not mean sculling green gunk or limiting ourselves to 2 shakes and 1 real meal a day.


My motto: Nourish, not punish your way to goal weight and health!


Winter can be a time of beautiful, nourishing broths, soups, casseroles and lovely E meals in abundance as we eat legumes, gentle carbs, etc. I seem to eat more E meals in the colder weather. But the warmer months do start to signal the desire for salads and drinks – that is a different mentality to purging/cleansing/detoxing.

I get it. We all want to look good in our summer clothes. Or maybe you just want to fit into your lovely spring dress. I’m there too! But deprivation and punishment is not the answer! Simply make better choices each time you eat. And we eat regularly so have a chance to make good choices often.

Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing this season, you can make better choices. Your body will love you for it. Choose the best you can according to the healthy, successful principles of THM:

~ Separate those fuels.
~ Eat protein with every meal.
~ Only eat every 3-4 hours.
~ And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Start with the very next meal. No point in bingeing for the whole day – that’s not the THM way! Having said that, even a day or two of eating off plan isn’t going to completely derail you so let’s lose that mindset. You only have to wait 3 hours until your reset. Now that’s good news!

Make your next meal a Deep S. Even on those days when you know you’re going off plan, start the day right by eating a lovely Deep S breakfast: Fried eggs in butter or coconut oil with a Trimmy is an excellent start. This will empty excess sugars out of your body. Protein with large salads and olive oil as your dressing is the way to go. Plan your Earth Milk, All Day Sippers, Yuck Yum Bitty’s and Skinny Chocolate – we’re looking to nourish, not punish.

Do not feel bloated and yuck and think the answer is to exist on Fuel Pulls or do a Fuel Cycle! That is the Indulge – Purge – Punish mentality. It is a dieting mindset and we aren’t dieters. Indulge, Purge & Punish is not food freedom, rather legalism and bondage. Plan to say no to that mentality before the holiday season even starts. Deep S is the way back to getting on plan and good health.

Remember, ‘prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance’. Think Nourish, not Punish. Spend the next few weeks building up and strengthening your body and its systems… for a strong healthy body will naturally eliminate the gunk.

Bloom into spring
THM Hack for QuirkyJo’s Coconut Lemon Chicken Soup

THM Hack for QuirkyJo’s Coconut Lemon Chicken Soup

THM Hack for QuirkyJo’s Coconut Lemon Chicken Soup (S)

I was having an S day and some of my folk have a cold so this is the perfect recipe to serve for tea. So quick and easy as well. I made a double batch so made it on the stove instead of the Thermomix.

To boost the protein content I added 2 tablespoons of Just Gelatin, like Serene does in her bisque’s.

As this is quite a tangy soup that we love, I also added 2 TB Baobab powder.

Result = Wowsers! This soup tastes even more amazing than before!

Note: I added half a packet of konjac rice noodles ( I LOVE that stuff!) to my bowl and poured the soup over keeping it to an S.

For my menfolk, I added rice vermicelli (but rice works better) to the bottom of their bowl before pouring over their soup, making it is a Crossover for them.

See QuirkyJo’s lovely recipe here: Coconut Lemon Chicken Soup.

THM… Finding Your Way

THM… Finding Your Way

The sisters often encourage us to do THM our way. What does that mean?

It isn’t a justification for eating off plan foods. Off plan is off plan.

It doesn’t mean ignoring THM principles of separating fats from carbs, protein centred meals, timing of meals, etc.

It does mean having the freedom of not starving or being hangry. It doesn’t mean counting calories or macros but to be aware of them.

It means the freedom to choose your S, E or FP meals based upon your needs, your wants, your budget, etc. some people need more E meals than S meals or vice versa. Some need more FP. Anything done to excess becomes unbalanced and is not THM any way.

It means not being bound to follow your best friend or popular blogger but instead choose when you will eat and what food category you’ll eat.

It means that you don’t have to like or consume smoothies if you hate them. Substitute nearly anything in place of the word ‘smoothies’. I don’t much care for kale, shakes or oats.

This is THM your way. And THM, unlike most other eating philosophies, has room for ALL types of people!

Your home looks different to mine and they both look different to someone else’s. As they should be.

If you have any questions about doing THM your way, feel free to ask.

THM Your Way
Hack for Golden Chana Soup (E)

Hack for Golden Chana Soup (E)

Hack for Golden Chana Soup

P99 THM Cookbook
After our holiday we are a bit tight so we’re eating out of the fridge and pantry, purchasing only small selected, mainly fresh, ingredients until payday. I decided to make Chana Dhal soup because I had all the ingredients.

At the store, I found one of those pre-packed root veggies in a foil tin going out cheap. So I roasted them, threw them in the Thermomix/food processor along with about 2-3 cups of the soup and blended it, then added it back into the soup.

Result = More Veggies = Even More Delicious!

PS: This meal was a straight E meal for me but I added a dollop of butter to everyone else’s meal and the 5yo also chose to add some grated cheese on top – making this a Crossover for everyone else.

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